Orthopaedic Physiotherapists

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Orthopaedic Physiotherapists needed for projects across the UK.

Working with us will utilise your experience whilst delivering for patients and reduce waiting times.

Excellent rates of pay and flexible work patterns. All associated travel & accommodation is pre-arranged by Synaptik.

Are you a qualified Orthopaedic Physiotherapist?

Are you interested in joining the Synaptik Team?

Synaptik are looking for:

  • Physiotherapists

With specialist knowledge of orthopaedics, including the assessment, planning and development of physiotherapy treatment programmes, using your own clinical knowledge and justification.

  • Physiotherapist Support Workers

With the ability to work as part of an integrated multidisciplinary team, supporting individualised patient treatment programmes.

Are you motivated, able to work in new settings with different teams and able to provide a range of the following skills:

  • Sound ability to use dynamic risk assessment and manual handling skills to ensure patient and environmental safety during treatment plans

  • Provision of patient education and advice at all stages throughout the patient journey, face-to-face and by telephone
  • Ability to work effectively and independently as part of the wider multi-disciplinary team
  • Effective planning and utilisation of assistants, prioritisation of patients to ensure timely safe discharge from the ward
  • Clinical responsibility for a designated caseload of patients, and organise this effectively and efficiently with regard to clinical priorities
  • Participate in Enhanced Recovery for patients following major joint surgery
  • SCP registration
All our services
  • Operating since 2012, Synaptik has been working with Health Boards across Scotland beyond and to resolve short, medium and long term challenges by supplying consultants and nursing teams for various specialities to reduce waiting times.
  • Work with expert teams delivering high standards of care in specialities including, but not limited to: Endoscopy, General Surgery, Ophthalmology and Orthopaedics.
  • Choose projects matching your skill sets and lifestyle, and benefit from timely remuneration and excellent working conditions.


Joining Synaptik is as easy as filling in a brief form available on this website. Thereafter a member of our dedicated team will contact you for a discussion and provide further details. Apply Here.

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Getting you to the where the NHS needs you most

Working with us will utilise your experience whilst delivering for patients and reduce waiting times.

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If you’re an NHS consultant or an experienced nurse, you could rapidly expand your portfolio of experience, all whilst helping the patients who need you the most by focusing on what you do best.

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